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BEST CHILI IN Los angeles

family operated × black owned


Smok N Joe's Chili is "The Best Chili in Los Angeles". If you haven't experienced this chili, you haven't lived. 

Photos by Team SMOK N jOE

In 1985 Chef Roy could no longer bare the sight of his son Joseph aka "Joe" and his friends opening another mundane can of chili. To combat his son's bland after school choice Chef Roy decided to create his own amazing Chili Recipe. Already a master in the kitchen, Chef Roy created a turkey based chili that eliminated the use of two of the most common ingredients in an average chili, beans and tomatoes. Without these ingredients Chef Roy's chili is delicious, healthy, and heartburn free.

Smok N Joe's Chili opened in May 2010 in the city of Los Angeles. Since then, Smok N Joe's creator Chef Roy has been serving both quality and innovative dishes around his secret chili recipe.  

In 2014, Smok N Joe's Chef Roy designed a cart to sell their amazing chili out of, relying on word of mouth and small events to gather amazingly loyal customers. It was at the "Music Under the Stars" (West Adams) event in 2015 that Smok N Joe's became the smash hit that it is today. 

With no end in sight Smok N Joe's Chili is determined to continually grow and serve out "The Best Damn Chili in California" one bowl at a time. Head on over to Melrose Place Farmer's Market every Sunday between 10-2pm to get your chili fix on and keep in touch for any more locations in the future. 



(310) 817-0112



8400 Melrose Place, Los Angeles, CA 90069 



Su 10 am – 2 pm

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Melrose Farmers Market

Sunday 10am-2pm

8400 Melrose Place Los Angeles, CA 90069 


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Smok N Joe's thanks you for your contribution. Please donate any amount you feel comfortable with. Every dollar helps!